Viral Video: Door of Running Truck Opened, Cow Fell on the Highway; Video Went Viral

Viral Video: Door of running truck opened, cow fell on highway; Video went viral

Viral Video: Due to carelessness, not only humans but also animals lose their lives. If the animal is owned or in your possession, its safety and care are your responsibility. A man was carrying a cow in a truck, and due to some carelessness the cow fell on the highway and he was seriously injured. Seeing this accident, people started screaming.

In the video, a track is seen running on the highway. There was a cow in the back of this truck. But, due to carelessness, the door opened. The cow looked outside and started trying to get off the moving truck. While trying to get off the speeding truck, the cow fell on the highway and got injured.

A car driver coming from behind recorded a video of this incident. Seeing this accident, other people sitting in the car screamed. However, the driver had no idea that the cow had fallen on the highway. He continued driving the truck as before. The car driver who recorded the video informed the truck driver about this and then he stopped.

This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media and a large number of people are commenting on it. One wrote that why the car driver not told him earlier that the door was open, this could have caused a big accident. How and why do people do such stupid things? One wrote that this cow did not pay attention in physics class.

One wrote that nowadays people pay more attention to making videos than preventing accidents. The video has been shared on social media platforms. Thousands of comments and reposts have come on the video. Some people are calling it the truck driver’s mistake while some say that the car driver should have been informed about it earlier.