After Rashmika, Katrina Kaif’s Photo Tampered, Fake Photo of Towel Fight Scene Goes Viral

After Rashmika, Katrina Kaif's photo tampered, fake photo of towel fight scene goes viral

Tiger 3 Katrina Kaif Towel Fight Scene Morphed: Fans are eagerly waiting for Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s film ‘Tiger 3’. The teaser, trailer, and songs of this film have made this action drama the most awaited. Even before the film’s release, ‘Tiger 3’ was roaring at the box office.

Even though the film will hit the big screens on November 12, the film has already started beating many films in advance booking. Like the film has overtaken ‘Gadar 2’ in advance booking. Katrina’s towel fight scene has been shown in this film. Now the news is that this video of Katrina has been tampered with. After which people’s temperature seems to be rising high.

The trend of fake photos is not stopping

Recently, Rashmika Mandanna’s deepfake video has shocked everyone. The actress has also reacted to this. He has described such activities as dangerous. But the trend of fake videos and pictures does not seem to stop here. Now the pictures of Salman Khan’s actress Katrina Kaif have been tampered with. Actually, Katrina Kaif’s towel fight scene has been shown in ‘Tiger 3’. The photo of this scene being tampered with is going viral on social media.

Katrina’s photo tampered with

After seeing this photo of Katrina, fans have become very angry. Users have requested to take strict action against cybercrime. One user says, ‘All this needs to be stopped. This is a shameful act.’ People have called this act very absurd. Katrina’s reaction came on the towel scene.

She had said, ‘I love doing risky action sequences on screen and the Tiger franchise has always given me the opportunity to take things up several notches when it comes to being a female action heroine! I have found a supercharacter through Zoya. The detective life is G and I love the fact that he is a fighter.

This is how the fight scene was shot

Katrina further said, ‘It was very difficult to shoot it because it had to be shot inside a steamy hammam. Catching, defending, punching, and kicking everything was very difficult. Hats off to the filmmakers for thinking of this brilliant scene. I don’t think there has been any such fight sequence between two women on screen in India.



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