Shocking Report : 134 Girls Missing in 10 Months in Pune, Which Area Has More?

    Shocking Report in Pune

    Shocking Report in Pune | A shocking statistic has come to light in the city of Pune, the news of which has raised the alarm of both parents and police. In the current year, 41 minor boys and 134 minor girls have gone missing in the eastern part of the city. 158 of them have been found, 28 children are still missing. This includes 27 girls. Therefore, there is a big challenge for the Pune Police to find the minors.

    The disappearance of minors in the eastern part has become a headache for parents and the police. The rate of boys and girls leaving home due to family disputes and falling in love has become alarming. The eastern region is particularly densely populated and the incidence of child disappearances in slum areas is high.

    In circle four of Pune Police Commissionerate, 175 boys and girls have gone missing from the limits of seven police stations from January to October 20 this year. According to the law, the police have to register a case of kidnapping when minors go missing. 158 children have been found in the police investigation and on their own after the police registered the case. However, 27 girls and one boy are still missing.

    Maximum 47 children have gone missing from Lonikand area, out of which 35 children have been recovered. 11 girls and one boy are still missing. Below that, six girls are missing from Airport Police Station and three girls are missing from Chandannagar. The rate of disappearance of girls is more alarming than that of boys.

    When minors go missing, the local police registers a case of kidnapping, and investigates on a priority basis. If the children are not found after six months of investigation, the investigation class goes to the Department of Social Security. The children are searched by the police. But the responsibility of parents to watch over their children has increased.

    The number of incidents from love affair is highest

    Seema Dhakne, police inspector of Lonikand police station, said that when minors go missing, a case of kidnapping is registered by the police. Often children run away due to family reasons or love affair is significant. After the girl is found, the investigation reveals that she has left the love affair, and she is forced to undergo a medical examination.

    After the girl is found to have had sexual relations, a case has to be registered against the boy concerned under the Protection against Child Sexual Abuse Act (POCSO). If a girl goes to a relative out of anger or for other reasons, there is no need for medical examination.

    In view of all these incidents, the police has appealed to the parents to keep an eye on the behavior of their children. Psychiatrists say that if there is a change in the behavior of your son or daughter, there is a need to communicate with them.


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