Married Farzan Trapped Hindu Student, Took Her to Ajmer and Raped Her, Pressurized Her to Convert

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Ujjain | In Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, a married Muslim youth Farzan Khan took a Hindu girl to Ajmer in Rajasthan on the pretext of love. During this, Farzan made the girl a victim of his lust by intimidating her. After this, Rajgarh took her to Biaora and started pressuring the girl to marry her and threatening her to leave Hinduism and convert to Islam.

The girl came to know that he was married only after reaching there. Seeing the opportunity, the girl called her mother and narrated her ordeal. After this, the police came into action and arrested the accused Farzan Khan. A case has been registered against him under sections 366, 376(2) N, 506 of IPC and section 3/5 of the Madhya Pradesh Religious Freedom Act.

Actually, the college student living in the Nagjhiri area of Ujjain police station had met Zafar Khan’s son Farzan Khan four years ago. He also lives near Noorani Masjid in the same area. Three years ago Farzan told the girl that he loved her. After this, both of them started talking on the phone.

When the girl’s family came to know about this, they protested against it. After this, the girl stopped talking to Farzan Khan. Meanwhile, last month on Friday (27 October 2023), Farzan lured the girl and called her near Aurobindo Hospital in Indore for a conversation. After this, he kept roaming in Rajbada for some time.

The victim has told in her statement to the police that after this, Farzan took her to Ajmer on Friday night. Here both of them were staying in a hotel near Delhi Gate. During this, Farzan asked the girl to have physical relations. When she refused, he threatened to kill her family and intimidated her and raped her.

After this, Farzan took the victim to his in-law’s house in Rajgarh Biaora. There Farzan’s wife and his father-in-law welcomed him happily. Both of them told the victim to convert to Islam and marry Farzan. After the consent of the family, Farzan started pressuring her to convert.

The victim got scared and secretly took Farzan’s father-in-law’s mobile phone and called her mother and told her the whole story. Soon after this the mother of the victim girl called the police. She reached Rajgarh with the police. There the police recovered the girl from the possession of Farzan Khan. Along with this, the police also arrested Farzan.

Nagjhiri police station in-charge Kamal Singh Gehlot says that a Hindu girl student has been raped by a youth from a particular community in his police station area. The accused youth has been arrested and a case has been registered against him under the sections of rape and religious conversion. The youth has been medically examined. He will be presented in the district court on Friday, November 3.


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