Indians Can Travel to Thailand Without Visa From November 10 to May 10, 2024 : Thai Tourism


    Visa Free Travel: The Government of Thailand has come up with a very good offer for Indian citizens with the aim of increasing tourism. In which now you will be able to roam here without a visa. The Tourism Department of the Government of Thailand has said that Indians will be able to avail of this facility from November 2023 till May next year.

    Indians can visit Thailand without a visa from November 10, 2023, to May 10, 2024, according to Thai Tourism, and stay there for upto 30 days. The country has now waived visa requirement for citizens of Indian and Taiwan in a bid to get more tourists from here. This September it had done so for Chinese nationals.

    Meaning, you have full 6 months to plan your trip here. Tourists can stay there for 30 days during this period. Apart from India, citizens of Taiwan have also got this facility. At such a time, such an offer from the Government of Thailand will undoubtedly prove helpful in increasing tourism, because the tourism season starts from November-December. A huge crowd of tourists is seen here during Christmas and New Year.

    A Thai government spokesperson said that travel tourism has a huge contribution to Thailand’s economy. Nearly 22 million tourists visited Thailand from January 1, 2023, to October 29, 2023. From this, it can be estimated that Thailand is one of the favorite places of the people. The government hopes that after this decision 2.8 crore tourists will come to their country.

    Sri Lanka also gave an exemption

    Apart from Thailand, the Sri Lankan government has also earlier provided the facility of visa-free entry for Indian citizens. On October 24, the Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka said that his government has decided to give visa-free entry to Indian tourists in his country till March 31, 2024. Apart from India, visa-free entry has been announced for tourists from 6 more countries.

    Last year, data from the Union Tourism Ministry shows that the top 10 destination countries for Indians were

    UAE (almost 59 lakh or 28%); Saudi Arabia (24 lakh / 11.5%); USA (17 lakh / 8%); Singapore (9.9 lakh / 4.7%); Thailand (9.3 lakh / 4.4%); UK (9.2 lakh / 4.3%); Qatar (8.7 lakh / 4.1%); Kuwait (8.3 lakh / 3.9%); Canada (7.7 lakh / 3.6%) and Oman (7.2 lakh / 3.4%) / All figures rounded off.


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