German Woman Shani Lauk Murdered by Hamas Terrorists, Israel Confirms

    German woman Shani Louk Killed Who paraded naked by Hamas Terrorist Israel Confirms

    German woman Shani Louk Killed Who Paraded Naked by Hamas Terrorist Israel Confirms | There is news of the death of Shani Louk, a big tattoo artist of Germany. Shani Lauk was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists from the Supernova Festival on October 7. After this, she was stripped naked and taken around in a car.

    The Israeli Army has informed Shani Lauk’s mother about this. Shani Lauk’s sister has also confirmed this on her social media Instagram account. However, the body has not yet been received by the family nor has any official statement been given by the German Foreign Ministry yet.

    Shani Louk’s mother Ricarda Louk said that unfortunately, we got the news yesterday that my daughter is no longer alive. The sister said that it is with great sadness that we announce the death of our sister, Shani Nicole Zel.

    German woman Shani Louk Killed Who paraded naked by Hamas Terrorist Israel Confirms

    Shani had dual citizenship

    Shani Louk held German and Israeli citizenship. But she never lived in Germany, but visited the country regularly to stay with relatives. His mother Ricard is originally from Southern Germany. She moved to Israel after converting from Catholicism to Judaism, while her grandparents live in the southern German city of Ravensburg.

    First beaten, then taken hostage, spit on

    Tattoo artist Shani Louk attended the Supernova Festival in southern Israel. On October 7, Hamas attacked the festival. Hamas terrorists had released footage, in which Shani Lauk was seen lying face down behind a car. It was not clear from the footage whether he was alive or not.

    At that time Hamas had claimed that it was the body of an Israeli soldier. At that time there were terrorists all around him and they were raising religious slogans and spitting on him. At the time her family said they were aware that she was seriously injured, but that she was being treated in a hospital in the Gaza Strip.


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