Crime News | Female Tuition Teacher’s Boyfriend Murdered 10th Class Student Kushagra, Know the Inside Story

Female tuition teacher's boyfriend murdered 10th class student Kushagra, know the inside story

Crime News | There was a stir in Kanpur due to the murder of a businessman’s son. The deceased Kushagra was a student of class 10. He had left home for tuition on his scooter on Monday evening but did not return till late at night. In such a situation, the family members got worried. Meanwhile, a stranger ran away after throwing a ransom note of Rs 30 lakh at the businessman’s house.

When the frightened businessman’s family members informed the police, their hands and feet swelled. Due to the fear of kidnapping, the police force was activated. The Joint Commissioner himself reached the spot and investigated. But in the morning Kushagra’s dead body was recovered. Now a shocking revelation has come to light in this matter.

Why did the tuition teacher’s boyfriend kill Kushagra?

According to police sources, the body of the businessman’s 16-year-old son Kushagra was recovered from the store room of his tuition teacher Rachita’s house located in the Fazalganj police station area. The person who strangled Kushagra to death is none other than Rachita’s boyfriend Prabhat. Actually, Prabhat suspected that Kushagra was having an affair with Rachita. Due to this, he murdered Kushagra with complete planning. Rachita and Prabhat’s friend Aryan is also a participant in this crime.

This conspiracy was hatched to mislead the police

It is being told that after killing Kushagra, Prabhat hatched a conspiracy to mislead the police. And this was a conspiracy to murder for ransom. Prabhat wanted his name not to be mentioned in Kushagra’s murder. The police remained busy investigating the murder from the kidnapping angle. For this Prabhat took the help of his friend Aryan.

After killing Kushagra in Rachita’s house, Prabhat picked up her scooter. Then he went some distance and made Aryan sit. It is known that Kushagra had reached Rachita’s house on this scooter. Going ahead, Prabhat changed the number plate of the scooter and went straight to Kushagra’s house. Here he threw a ransom note of Rs 30 lakh inside and ran away. He had also written religious slogans in this pamphlet so that the police would get more confused.

What was found out during police interrogation?

After the incident, the police started scanning the CCTVs. People were also being interrogated. In this context, the name of Kushagra’s tuition teacher Rachita came up. Reportedly, earlier she used to come home and teach Kushagra. But later the family members threw him out. Prabhat’s name came up during Rachita’s interrogation. Then both of them were made to sit face to face and interrogated.

However, initially, both tried to mislead the police. Due to the presence of Prabhat around the incident spot on CCTV, his handwriting in the ransom note, etc., the police’s suspicion of him increased. When strictness was imposed, both of them broke down.

If police sources are to be believed, Kushagra was murdered over a dispute. During interrogation, accused Prabhat confessed that he committed this murder because of his relations with Kushagra’s teacher. Kushagra died yesterday evening at around 5:30 p.m. The ransom demand was made only to mislead the police.

On checking the CCTV, it was found that Kushagra had gone to Rachita’s house on his own will. Then Rachita’s boyfriend Prabhat enters the house. His house is near Rachita’s house. Later both of them come out but Kushagra does not come out. It is likely that he was murdered inside the house during that time. At present, the official statement of the police is awaited.


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