Before Buying Car Insurance, Know These 3 Things for Sure, It Will Benefit You.

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Car Insurance Buying Tips: Is your car insurance about to expire or are you confused about which insurance to buy with your new car? So today we will tell you what things to keep in mind before getting car insurance. Having car insurance is very important today. This can protect you from financial loss in case of accident, theft or any other kind of loss.

This is also an important document from a legal point of view. You cannot drive a vehicle without insurance. If you are caught driving without insurance, you may have to pay a heavy fine. Therefore, invest only in a good insurance policy and keep these 3 things in mind.

Check Claim Settlement Ratio

Before taking an insurance plan, always check the claim settlement ratio of the insurance company. CSR tells you how many claims the insurance company has cleared in a year compared to the number of claims it has made in a year. Also, find out how to file a claim with the company you are taking insurance from.

Compare plans

There are many different types of insurance plans available in the market as well as online. Take a decision only after carefully looking at all the insurance plans and comparing them. With this, you can easily choose a plan that meets all your needs. Also, check whether the company is offering some add-ons in insurance or not.

Understand your needs

In India, there are two types of car insurance: third-party and comprehensive insurance. In third-party insurance, the other party gets the entire claim for any accident caused by you. Comprehensive insurance, on the other hand, not only covers damage caused to others but also covers damage and theft to your own car. Therefore, choose an insurance that meets your needs and also fits easily into your budget.