Anupamaa 8 Maha Twist : Will Vanraj Get Dimpy Married Again? Will Vanraj Enter Anupama’s Life?

Anupama Maha Twist: TV serial Anupama is ruling the hearts of the audience. Fans like the pairing of Anuj and Anupama in this serial, but these days both have separated. To unite Anuj and Anupama, the makers are going to bring many twists in the show. These days Anuj is with Shruti and Anupama also knows this.

Due to which his heart breaks. Aadhya is also busy in getting Anuj and Shruti married as soon as possible, but this will not happen. Now many twists are going to come in the show, which will completely change the lives of Anuj, Anupama and Shruti. Let us tell you the upcoming twist.


Will Anuj meet Anupama on Shruti’s birthday?

Later in the story we will see that Anuj and Aadhya prepare for Shruti’s birthday, but Anuj also has to meet Anupama on the same day. For this reason, Anuj leaves Aadhya and Shruti alone and goes to meet Anupama.

Will Anupama call Anuj?

Now there will be a new twist in the story and Anupama will call Anuj. After Yashdeep’s convincing, Anupama agrees to meet Anuj. In such a situation, Anupama will call Anuj and tell him the time to meet, which will make Anuj jump.

Will Vanraj get Dimpy married again?

In the TV serial Anupama, Kavya wants Dimpy and Titu to get married and that is why she repeatedly argues with Vanraj. Now Vanraj will decide that if Dimpy has to get married then he will get her married to a boy and make him his son-in-law.

Will Anuj-Anupama’s secret be revealed to Shruti?

A new promo of this serial has come out, in which it can be seen that as soon as Anuj goes to Anupama, Shruti also starts following him. It is claimed that Shruti will soon be told about Anuj and Anupama.

Will Shruti break her marriage with Anuj?

Many reports have claimed that as soon as Shruti comes to know about Anuj and Anupama, she will decide to support herself. She will break her marriage with Anuj, which will upset Aadhya. Aadhya wants to see Anuj and Shruti’s marriage as soon as possible.

Will Shruti become the mother of Anuj’s child?

Another report related to TV serial Anupama is coming out. This report surprised even the fans. It is claimed that Shruti will become pregnant. Not only this, Anuj will not remember anything about that moment between him and Shruti. However, Anuj will accept this child.

Will there be a huge drama in Shruti’s birthday party?

The new drama will start with Shruti’s birthday in the TV serial Anupama. Anuj meets Anupama on Shruti’s birthday and Shruti will also see this. Because of this Shruti will create a ruckus.

Will Vanraj enter Anupama’s life?

Anupama is in America and here another trouble will come in her life. It is claimed that Vanraj will come to America from India. He will come here and trouble Anupama.